Sainsbury’s Food Store, Huntingdon

Project Summary

Date: 2015

 CHP were retained by Sainsbury’s as development managers to lead on this complex proposal to relocate Sainsbury’s from a town centre to a new larger edge of centre store.  The proposal involved negotiating land purchase contracts conditional upon planning permission, the delivery of a new link road, diversion of high pressure gas main and resolving ground condition issues.

Unlocking planning permission involved demonstrating that Sainsbury’s proposal was preferential to a competing proposal from Tesco and agreeing suitable arrangements for the existing town centre store and landholdings in the Chequers Court shopping centre, in negotiation with interested stakeholders, Huntingdonshire District Council and Churchmanor Estates to enable enhancements to take place.  This included land swaps to facilitate the building of a new multi storey car park and redevelopment of a redundant office block for additional shopping.

The project unfolded between 2008 and 2015 with the link road built, planning permission granted, both in relation to the proposed new store and existing shopping centre and re-site  land acquired.


Ultimately, Sainsbury’s elected not to proceed with the construction of the new store and CHP was re-engaged to negotiate variations to agreements with HDC and Churchmanor relating to enhancements to Chequers Court.